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The story of Lead Adventures began over ten years ago, when company founder Enrique Torres graduated with an economics degree from Denison University, Granville, OH. His post-university decision to return and travel in his South American homeland, before pursuing his dream of becoming a Wall Street banker, would ultimately change his future forever. During his trip Enrique experienced Ecuador, Peru, and many other Latin American countries like he never had before. And time and again he noticed the major lack of intimate and locally owned tourist operators in the area. He saw that international corporate businesses ruled the tourism industries in South America, meaning primarily that local economies did not reap the benefits from tourism. Furthermore, he realised that when one organised trips with large, impersonal corporations, the personal touch, formed from local expertise, was lost.

So Enrique dramatically switched his career path, remained in Ecuador, and began to work towards opening an intimate, local, customized tourism service. 11 years later, and Lead Adventures is still thriving!

Enrique´s mission when he began Lead Adventures, an objective the company still prides itself upon over a decade later, it to connect you to the people and lands of Ecuador, Peru and The Galapagos in an intimate way you never thought possible. We want to give you the personal, unforgettable experience that corporate tourism agencies just can´t provide; we want you to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Enrique and we, his team, believe that genuine, worthwhile experience cannot be provided without firsthand knowledge of the country being explored. Lead Adventures stands out against other tourism companies because it is grounded in unbeatable expertise of both South American countries and local traditions. This is something large internationally based businesses cannot offer; we don´t want to just send you on a trip, we want to give you an incredible, personalised experience you will never forget.

Book with us and join over 3,300 travelers who have chosen Lead Adventures as their go-to voyage service in Latin America. From traversing through the Amazon, to experiencing the Galapagos Islands the way they were meant to be experienced, from volunteering in the Andes, to exploring Machu Picchu, when you choose Lead Adventures, you are choosing an experience of a lifetime.

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Amazon Animal Welfare Center in Ecuador

amazon animal rescue center ecuador

The overall purpose of the station is to rehabilitate animals that have been abandoned or mistreated. Local officials or citizens usually drop them off so the amount and type of animals varies. Each animal is placed in a separate quarantined space until they were ready to be moved to an enclosure. At the time I was there, they were even preparing to move a black caiman from the quarantine.

Why I chose Lead Adventures and 9 ways to prepare for your Galapagos Experience

Sea Lion in Galapagos

Ever since I read about the beauty of the Galapagos Islands in Rita Goldman’s “The Tales of a Female Nomad” two years ago, it has been my wish to visit the islands and its vibrant array of colorful wildlife. The blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, and never-ending line of sea lions are enough to entice every different type of traveler.

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