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Galapagos Islands Multisports 10 days


Galapagos Islands Multisports Adventure

Hiking, biking, snorkeling, kayaking, this adventuresome tour is ideal for andrenaline seekers eager to experience the magic of the enchanted Galapagos Islands. This package also includes a city tour of nearby Quito´s old town, the world´s first UNESCO heritage site, and a must-see spot of South America.





DAY 1 Arrival into Ecuador´s capital, Quito. A meet and greet with your bilingual guide and tour escort is followed by a transfer to your chosen hotel.
DAY 2 QUITO CITY TOUR AND A TRIP TO THE EQUATOR LINE This comprehensive circuit of the capital includes visits to residential neighborhoods in the Northern part of the city, continuing through the Gran Colombia Avenue up to the Basilica Church. Here you will make a brief stop, next to the "San Juan Mirador", for a beautiful view of Colonial Quito. Whilst walking the authentic streets you will have a chance to stop at the Independence Plaza and admire the Cathedral, the Government's Palace, and the Archbishop's palace. You will then visit the stunning La Compañia Church with its renowned adornments and altars of gold. Finally you drive on to the "Panecillo Mirador" for an unbatable view of Quito. After a short ride North, you will find the Equatorial Monument standing tall, a tribute to the innovative French scientists who determined the shape of the earth. Here you can visit the Onsite museum, or the Ethnographic Museum, where the colourful ways of life of various Ecuadorian ethnic groups are on display. As an added bonus, lunch will be eaten at a restaurant on the equator line.
DAY 3 HIKE FRIGATE HILL AND SNORKEL PUNTA CAROLA After arriving into San Cristobal Island from the mainland, you can enjoy a hearty welcome lunch before the adventure begins! Your first stop is the San Cristobal Interpretation Center, where you will learn of the geology and natural history of the archipelago. You will continue on a natural lava trail through a unique dry forest ecosystem, where cacti, acacia, palo santo and Galapagos cotton are abundant. Frigate Hill is your destination, where you will enjoy your first encounters with the spectacular local wildlife. The place is famous for its unrivalled bird ecosystems, that of which include the namesake frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, gulls, herons, Darwin’s finches, warblers and mockingbirds. After enjoying the luscious landscape, you will stop at charming Carola Beach, where a swim or snorkel can be had in the crystal ocean before you relax on the beach, ready to witness a breathtaking sunset. The rest of the evening is open for guests to dine and explore the peaceful of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno at their own pace.
DAY 4 KAYAK AND SNORKEL IN SAN CRISTONBAL’S NORTHERN COAST Today’s journey will take you to some incredible offshore snorkeling sites, and will cruise you along the best kayaking route in the Galapagos! You will start paddling along the northern coast, leisurely exploring bays and coves brimming with wondous wildlife. You may visit Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock), Punta Pitt or Cerro Brujo, depending on the day of the week as well as the corresponding National Park regulations. You will then return to soak up the San Cristobal atmosphere for your last evening on the Island; guests are free to choose their own dining options and take a final stroll through town.
DAY 5 MOUNTAIN BIKE AND SNORKEL TINTORERAS In the early morning you will board a small plane for a speedy inter-island flight from San Cristobal to Isabela Island. Isabela is the largest and youngest island in the Galapagos, an island still undergoing formation from 5 active shield volcanoes, making her one of the most volcanically active places on earth. After settling in, you will head out on your mountain bike to explore the beautiful coastline on an exclusive trail. This path will take you up and over an incredible variety of coastal ecosystems, beginning with a visit to the Wall of Tears, a colossal wall made from lava rock. The wall originates from a time when Isabela Island was used as a penal colony; prisoners embarked on the lengthy task of constructing the wall to prevent them from succombing to madness. In the afternoon you will visit the Tintoreras Islets, located at 10 minutes from Puerto Villamil, and home to a vast array of wildlife. It´s turquoise, sparkling waters are inhabited by white-tipped reef sharks, Galapagos penguins, marine turtles and sea lions. One of it´s beaches, a spot surrounded by mangroves, is one of the few sites in the world where marine iguanas can successfully reproduce. The tour consists of a snorkel through some of the world´s most unique and untouched areas, as well as an on land walk to explore more of the flora and fauna.
DAY 6 TREKKING ISABELA ISLAND VOLCAN SIERRA NEGRA & VOLCAN CHICO. Today is filled with exploring Isabela Island via hiking. The day begins with a ride in a pickup truck up to the highlands you will hike to the rim of the six mile wide crater and then trek across the alien landscape of lava fields and fumaroles. The Sierra Negra is one of the most active volcanoes in the Galapagos, with the last eruption in 2005. Though you probably won't see any lava flowing, you will have the opportunity to explore thermal vents and other fascinating geologic features before stopping for a snack near Volcan Chico, the volcano that is responsible for some of the Galapagos' remarkable formations and the sightseeing in this area makes you think how the moon would be, such a unique and great volcanic formation. You will return to Puerto Villamil in the late afternoon.
DAY 7 FERRY SANTA CRUZ Early departure on a speedboat to Puerto Ayora. A guide will be waiting for you at the Pier after check in at the hotel we will start a walk to tourtuga bay It is considered by the majority of visitors as one of the most beautiful beaches in Galapagos. The sunsets here are just stunning. It takes around an hour walk to get to the beach. You'll be able to see beautiful birds including the famous Galapagos finches as you walk. The trail to the beach is paved and marked. There are two beaches at Tortuga Bay, the main beach is used for surfing due to its strong waves. If you want to swim and just relax you can head to the west side of the beach where the waters are calm. In the afternoon you will go to the Charles Darwin Station, home to the giant tortoises and the land iguana captive breeding programs.
DAY 8 VISITING FLOREANA Pick up at 7h45am from the hotel. You will embark in a fast boat, departing from Puerto Ayora to Floreana. You will reach Puerto Velasco Ibarra and head for the highlands in a truck called a chiva. There you will visit the Scalesia Forest in the Floreana highlands, home to yellow warblers, Galapagos fly catchers and Darwin's medium tree finch that only lives on this Island. You will visit Asilo de la Paz, a visitor site that features fresh water wells and nearby caves that were used by the early settlers. You also will visit pirate caves and learn about some bizarre islander stories. In the afternoon you will go snorkeling, swimming through hundre ds of fish, sea lions and maybe Galapagos sharks. Back to Puerto Ayora.
DAY 9 BIKING AND TREKKING LAVA TUNNELS The day start with a 15 minutes ride to the highlands of Santa Cruz are a deep green, contrasting beautifully with much of the dry, lower islands. The dominant vegetation in the highlands is the Scalesia trees, creating the lush green color. The lava tunnels are more than a kilometer in length and were formed by the solidifying of the outside skin of a molten-lava flow. When the lava flow ceased, the molten lava inside the flow kept going, emptying out of the solidified skin and thus leaving tunnels walking through them is a unique, surreal experience. We will get back to Puerto Ayora from the highlands by bicycle the road is approximate 7





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